For more than 20 years, SPRI has been a leader in oil and gas exploration consulting. We provide niche services to global O&G clients to maintain a competitive edge and capitalize on unique opportunities. Our expertise extends to developed and undeveloped properties, onshore and offshore, to help you make informed business decisions and achieve core objectives.

We’ve developed some of the most innovative internal exploration services and processes to locate previously overlooked pay zones and identify how and where value is created. Our process allows us to provide insight and basin-specific metrics, not just industry benchmarks or generic figures, to give you an accurate, up-to-date analysis to keep business moving forward.

Oil and Gas Exploration Services

Our comprehensive suite of O&G exploration services gives you instant access to some of the leading experts in the industry. These include, but are not limited to the following:

Exploration Services

  • Basin studies and analysis
  • Provenance studies
  • General petroleum geology analysis
  • Oil and gas geochemistry
  • Petrophysics and geophysics
  • Reserves and onsite resources
  • Prospect generation, review, and evaluation
  • Prospect risk analysis
  • Well log correlation
  • Petroleum systems analysis
  • Subsurface structural mapping and modeling
  • Isopach and isochore mapping
  • Sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy

Development Services

  • Subsurface structural mapping and modeling
  • Well log correlation
  • Bubble maps
  • Petrophysical analysis
  • Volumetric mapping
  • Isopach and isochore mapping
  • Oil and gas reserve estimates
  • Drilling planning
  • Geological forecasting

Seismic Services

  • 2D and 3D seismic interpretation and acquisition planning
  • Isochron mapping
  • Attribute analysis
  • Seismic reprocessing supervision
  • Synthetic seismograms

Data Services

  • Data collection and compilation
  • Database creation and management
  • Virtual data room buildout

If your project needs additional services, please reach out — we may be able to provide it!

Why Work with SPRI?

Working with SPRI as a consulting partner gives you access to more than 265 aggregated years of expertise in the oil and gas industry, and that level of experience is making a difference for the clients we serve. We’re innovative problem solvers in upstream consulting and have worked on projects during some of the best and worst periods in the oil industry.

We recognize that cutting costs now is as important as ever. As a general rule, we work hard to maximize the resources you already have while keeping costs low to help you see an ROI for the short and long terms.

In addition, our clients have enjoyed a number of benefits, including:

  • Total project control
  • Less overhead
  • Maximized internal resources
  • Reduced time in planning and execution
  • No hassle

Our Clientele

We work with a variety of clients throughout the oil and gas industry, each with specific needs and project requirements. However, most of our clients share a few common characteristics:

  • Small companies or startups that lack the internal resources or expertise for their projects
  • Large corporations that want to streamline oil and gas exploration for a professional yet timely outcome
  • Independent companies that are ready to grow quickly

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