SPRI provides support for acquisitions and divestitures to help you expand and strengthen your portfolio with the right opportunities. Our consultants are highly experienced in property due diligence, evaluating the potential outcomes, and supporting the transaction from start to signed paperwork.

Acquisition and Divestiture Support Services

Our team is comprised of petrophysicists, geologists, engineers, and business development leaders to generate fair market appraisals and evaluations to guide the process. Our global network of strategic partners in government, international oil and gas companies, investors, and other consulting firms allow us to provide a well-rounded, unmatched approach to helping our clients optimize and strengthen their assets.

  • Due diligence research to support a divestiture or acquisition
  • Generate cash flow models for financial analysis
  • Third-party reports for regulatory filings after the transaction

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Expert Insight for a Stronger Company

Whether it’s time to grow your business or narrow your focus to select assets, SPRI can provide the support and expertise to make informed business management decisions.

We help you answer critical business questions:

  • Will an acquisition or divestiture help you achieve future growth?
  • How do you make the decision to acquire or divest?
  • Do you have the right tools, people, and business strategy to maximize the outcome?
  • Is this the right opportunity to help you achieve your business objectives?

Due Diligence for Oil & Gas

At SPRI, we always go the extra mile to ensure that we perform due diligence prior to every purchase or sale we are involved in, with an in-house team that carefully checks and double checks all relevant information.

Things we examine include:

  • Financial records
  • Well logs
  • Surveyor notes
  • Geological maps
  • Production stats
  • Well tests
  • Legal records
  • And more.

Each acquisition is unique, and we always make sure to check all data required

The SPRI Difference

For more than 20 years, Sierra Pine Resources International has consulted with clients around the globe on potential acquisitions and divestitures. We’re proud to offer more than 265 years of combined experience and expertise to our clients to provide them with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to make educated decisions for the health of their companies.

Our portfolio includes projects throughout the upstream, including oil and gas exploration and development, contract services, evaluations, appraisals, and expert witness testimony.

We’ve developed an innovative approach to solving some of the toughest challenges in the industry. Our portfolio has allowed us to work on projects throughout the U.S. and international markets while building a strong network of strategic partners in government, oil and gas companies, and other consulting firms.

Our clients experience a number of benefits when working with us, including:

  • Lower overhead costs
  • Better use of internal resources
  • Complete control over the project and its outcome
  • Less time invested in planning and execution

The Clients We Serve

Our clients depend on us for a number of services, from exploration and development to consulting on acquisitions and divestitures. The majority of our clients are part of one of the following groups:

  • Small startups or established business that lack internal expertise or resources
  • Large corporations that want to save time and maximize internal resources
  • Independent companies of all sizes that want to scale quickly

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