Whether you’re exploring new basins or testing new technologies, our consultants and project managers can provide all the support and oversight you need.

From Planning to Execution

SPRI provides a team of highly trained professionals with long-standing careers in the oil and gas industry. We work with small startup companies to help them scale quickly, as well as large companies who value efficiency and want to minimize costs while maximizing their resources.

We have the skills, resources, infrastructure, and know-how to provide as much project management, oversight, and operations as needed. Our goal isn’t just to get the project done, but to make it valuable, impactful, and effective for your company and the people you serve.

SPRI Contract Operations Services

Comprehensive lineup of tailored services to satisfy a variety of projects and applications:

  • Well Design & Planning
  • Workover Operations
  • Drilling Supervision
  • Frac Design
  • Field Management
  • Pumping/Gauging
  • Economic Analysis
  • Revenue Accounting & Distribution

If you have additional contract operator needs, please reach out - we may be able to provide a solution!

SPRI Benefits

Working with SPRI as a strategic operations partner means getting decades of oil and gas engineering, research, development, and business acumen to guide and support your projects. But in addition, our clients have enjoyed the following benefits:

  • Minimized overhead
  • Reduced time in planning and execution
  • Maximized internal resources
  • Total control over the project and its outcome
  • Less hassle

Who We Work With

  • Startups or small organizations that don’t have the internal resources or expertise for their project
  • Large-scale corporations that need to maximize internal resources or need temporary assistance without taking on overhead
  • Independent companies that want to scale quickly

Contract operations services allow you to expand your resources without the hassle and overhead of a do-it-yourself model. Rather than taking on greater internal expenses, we fill your needs for talent, equipment, and expertise on a project-by-project basis.

This helps you to remain in control of the project (and its outcome), allocate your own team and resources as needed, and most importantly, stay profitable.

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