Updated List of Top Oil and Gas Private Equity Firms in 2020

Updated List of Top Oil and Gas Private Equity Firms in 2020

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic achieved global reach, the oil and gas industry experienced a crisis of its own, with prices dropping sharply—at one point, WTI crude was valued at a negative dollar amount. Private equity firms heavily invested in the sector began to scramble to shut in projects, reallocate capital, and make the most of the assets they were able to keep.

Although prices have recovered to around $40 per barrel (bbl) Brent, private equity activity is still tamped down. Firms may become active again once oil is more economic at approximately $50/bbl, but likely with caution, limiting investments to known acreage and lower risk. However, more bullish investors might seize the opportunity to pick up attractive assets at low prices.

The top players at this point are likely sticking to fundamentals, reinvesting diligently, and focusing on capital discipline. Below is an alphabetical list of the top oil and gas private equity firms as of this year:

In yet another down cycle whose recovery is still uncertain, the private equity sector has become smaller and more focused. Renewed interest in midstream investment and a smaller, more competitive private equity playing field are likely to dominate the industry in the near term.

If there are any additional Private Equity Firms focused on the oil and gas industry, please let us know who they are and why they should be on our list by emailing SPRI at info@sprioilgas.com.

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