Working with an Upstream Oil & Gas Consulting Firm

The dynamic oil and gas industry is continually shifting, and keeping pace with regulations, competition, and industry growth throughout the chain is no easy feat.

Startups and established companies alike may find themselves at a crossroads and...

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Oil and Gas Investing: Avoid Being Taken for a Ride

It’s both exciting and nerve-wracking to stand in a pasture in South Texas watching roughnecks rig up the head on a nodding-donkey so we can start producing from our first well in a new field (well, new for Sierra Pine but an established field...

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Buying an Oil and Gas Property [Video]

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The old saying is true: “You make your money when you buy a property.” You can rarely go back to a seller and demand your money back for an oil and gas property that didn’t produce enough or produce at the...

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List of Top Oil and Gas Private Equity Firms

Private equity firms increased their investment in oil and gas companies in 2017. Private Equity investment has played a substantial role in the U.S. oil and gas production surge. The recent wave of private equity investment was at least...

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The Importance of Oil and Gas Financial Analysis

The oil and gas industry faces great challenges. Diminishing reserves are forcing companies to operate in remote and hostile environments, while the cost of extracting energy has gone up steadily in recent years.

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Due Diligence for Purchasing an Oil and Gas Property [Infographic]

Purchasing an oil and gas property comes with a fair amount of inherent risk. Whether buying into a producing property in an established field and trying to increase production with specific Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods or going out and...

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