Petroleum Engineering Consulting: Ensuring a Sustainable Fuel Supply

Petroleum Engineering Consulting: Ensuring a Sustainable Fuel Supply

Fossil fuels are a primary source of energy for the world economy, especially when it comes to catering to an ever-growing global demand. In fact, this abundant and cost-effective resource can generate huge amounts of energy from a single well site. It is, therefore, difficult to imagine a world where airplanes, automobiles and factories don’t depend on a constant supply of petroleum resources.

Because fossil fuels are an invaluable energy resource, petroleum consulting firms believe that it will continue to predominantly shape the future of global energy. Even as new movements embrace and promote the use of alternative fuels, reports show that global fossil fuel consumption has never been higher than it was in 2016. As a class of hydrocarbon-containing materials of biological origin that takes millions of years to form, fossil fuels are a non-renewable energy source.

Achieving a sustainable energy future depends on finding a balance between generating a steady and affordable supply of fuel and minimizing environmental impact.

Providing Support in Key Stages of Project Implementation

Petroleum engineering consultants offer solid advice and quality assistance to oil and gas refining and petrochemical clients. They collaborate to deliver practical solutions for the different stages of project implementation and address specific challenges along the way. Some of these solutions include:

  • Reservoir system monitoring – Reservoir performance in engineering refers to how long a reservoir can maintain peak performance over its lifespan. Its management, therefore, requires continuous and real-time monitoring to optimize the operational reservoir performance.
  • Well testing – Petroleum engineers develop reservoirs using advanced tools and data acquisition and analysis systems to maximize reserves and maintain the integrity of the project.
  • Field performance and surveillance – Already the norm in the industry, companies hire consultants especially to recommend and help adopt technology to deal with unconventional reservoirs. This way, they can rely on theoretical models to improve their understanding of fluid/formation interaction and reservoir data monitoring.
  • Searching for prospects – A consultant conducts searches around the globe for prospective oil and gas reservoirs. By collaborating with geologists and other professionals, they gather information about a reservoir rock to identify the proper method for extraction and processing operations. Through computer models that simulate drilling effects, a petroleum specialist chooses the most optimal preference.
  • Technical advice and guidance – A petroleum engineering consultant offers technical advice in a specialized sector of petroleum engineering. They often collaborate with other specialists to facilitate the drilling and extraction process. By providing technical guidance, they can monitor a company’s daily operations to ensure project integrity. Engineering consultants also provide support for gas-well activities. This includes production surveillance, new technology utilization and well completions.
  • Improving productivity and streamlining efficiency – Petroleum engineering consulting firms create technical advancement documentation to enhance efficiency in production. By having records and documents on hand, it improves their accuracy and fosters improvement when performing extractions. Specialists conduct training and risk analysis to keep the project on budget and compliant with required standards.

An Industry Leader in Well-Site Supervision

Sierra Pine Resources International is an upstream oil, gas, and petroleum engineering consulting firm with worldwide experience in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. We have decades of experience, and we have worked with clients from several different fields, including operators, land owners, private equity firms, investment banks and law firms to create a steady and sustainable supply of fuel.

We also have experience in project management and well-site supervision, including reservoir engineering, petrophysics and geo- and petrophysical analysis. Our subject matter experts evaluate, screen and generate prospects. We have conducted onshore and offshore projects in the United States and international locations.

Let us help you in oil and gas asset evaluation as well as the completion of your exploration project.

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