Oil Well Goes on Production in Dimmit County, Texas [Video]

[Click here to watch the video on YouTube]

If you’ve been following SPRI over the past year, then you know that we’ve been doing work in South Texas, specifically in Dimmit County just outside of Big Wells. To read about when we spudded the first well in this project, you can read our previous post Drilling for Oil in Dimmit County.

This drilling program, just like most projects in the oil and gas industry, had its own unique set of challenges. Hurricane Harvey caused severe flooding in the area, turning the lease road and drill-site into a swamp, and an unexpected fishing job added some extra time to the drilling program. The drill-crew however, was able to fish the junk out of the hole before the fishing company was even able to make it on location.

The lease, which is approximately 3,600 acres has had 32 previous wells drilled on it, so it is a mature field. SPRI is looking to double its cumulative production from just under 6 million barrels; an amount we expect to get out secondary recovery. Instead of 32 verticles wells, SPRI will be drilling 16 horizontal wells as we further develop this field.

SPRI has partnered with Raise Production, utilizing their high-angle reciprocating pump. This is the first well in Texas that Raise Production has installed this pump on, it is unique in that it can pump hydrocarbons at angles of 90 degrees or greater. 

SPRI is excited to have started producing oil from the first oil well in our field down in Dimmit County, and because of the success of this first well, we are moving forward with the development of our Big Wells project.


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