Oil and Gas Global Network NAPE Interview with Mark LaCour

Oil and Gas Global Network NAPE Interview with Mark LaCour

If you work in the Oil and Gas industry, then you might have heard about the Oil and Gas Global Network (OGGN). The OGGN is a new media company that hosts three oil and gas related podcasts: Oil and Gas This Week, Oil and Gas HSE and Oil and Gas Industry Leaders

The Editor in Chief, Mark LaCour is an oil and gas professional who also runs an oil and gas sales consulting firm called Modalpoint. While the Sierra Pine team was at Summer North American Producers Expo (NAPE), in Houston, Texas just prior to Hurricane Harvey, we ran into Mark who was covering the NAPE Expo as a member of the press corps.

While talking with our President and CEO, Bruce Ganer about the oil and gas industry and why the SPRI team was attending NAPE (for that answer click here), Mark decided to shoot a short interview with Bruce about how the industry has changed and what this current downturn means for the industry.

Good Times and Bad

In the interview with the Oil and Gas Global Network, you will hear Mark and Bruce talk about how this downturn has forced oil and gas operators to cut costs and drive efficiencies and how this “new normal” is going to help companies large and small once we get out of this down market.

While Mark and Bruce don’t solve the oil and gas industry’s problems in this short interview, it is worth a listen to find out how one of the best geoscience consulting firms and one of the most well-informed oil and gas professional view the down market and what you shouldn’t forget after the market turns around. 

Off camera, Mark talked to Bruce about getting him on one or more of the Oil and Gas Global Network podcasts to tell the Sierra Pine story, so stay tuned for more information about when that will take place.

If you would like to find out more about what Sierra Pine has done for our clients, we have several case studies for download and make sure you check out the interview with Bruce on the Oil and Gas Global Network.