Geological Interpretation Software: A Short Review

Geological Interpretation Software: A Short Review

A staggering number of geological interpretation software packages are on the market. The pricing options and features are almost as diverse as the number of programs available to oil and gas operators, geological service companies and oil and gas investors.

This list includes full suite programs with some of the most advanced analytical tools, along with some simple programs that make the job of a geologist or petrophysicist a lot easier.

While this list is not an endorsement of any individual software suite, we at SPRI have our preferred tools. We encourage you to do some homework to select the right geological interpretation software for your business.

Geological Interpretation Software


Powerlog is one of the most comprehensive geological interpretation software packages on the market. Powerlog is multi-user, multi-well, reservoir interpretation software.

The basic features of this software allow a user to get up and running fairly quickly, but to get the most out of the features of this software package, you need a skilled geological modeling expert who is experienced using the software.


While not a full software package in itself, Neuralog is worth mentioning because of its ability to digitize paper well logs. The ability to turn legacy logging data into a workable digital format is invaluable when you building a reservoir model. We’ve talked about the importance of using relevant historical reservoir data to get an accurate picture of the reservoir geology.

LogPlot 8

LogPlot 8 is a well log software tool created by RockWare. With a simple interface, LogPlot 8 is easy to implement and requires minimal previous experience working with well logging software.

LogPlot 8 has built-in templates, but it also allows you to customize your projects. You can build one well or integrate a multi-well field into your project. While it is easy to get started, it may lack the advanced features of some of the other solutions on the market. 


Kingdom is a seismic and interpretation software that integrates geoscience, geophysics and engineering into a single, easy-to-use software solution. Kingdom allows you to analyze unconventional, conventional and deepwater oil and gas plays.

Kingdom claims to have “the power to manage 1,000,000+ wells, all while avoiding duplication and lost data, with a multi-user environment that will not bog you down.”

Built by IHS, Kingdom has the brand recognition and technical support to be an exceptional software suite for upstream oil and gas.


Schlumberger’s Petrel platform has a host of software packages broken down into every conceivable category of the upstream oil and gas sector. Regardless of what aspect of geological interpretation or reservoir modeling you are interested in, Schlumberger’s Petrel platform has a solution for you.

While geological interpretation and modeling software packages are important in the upstream oil and gas business, there is no substitute for a knowledgeable and experienced geologist. One of the worst things for your business is having an impressive-looking model of your oil and gas assets with no substance.

Making decisions based on false or incomplete data is sometimes worse than not having the data in the first place; your decisions will be made with the understanding that they are little more than guesses, making decisions based on bad information can leave you with the same result, scratching your head as to where you went wrong.

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