Challenges Faced in Drilling for Oil in Dimmit County

Challenges Faced in Drilling for Oil in Dimmit County

On September 16, SPRI Oil & Gas, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sierra Pine Resources International, Inc., spudded the Korn 2H well in Dimmit County, Texas. SPRI landed the well in the San Miguel formation, between the Austin Chalk and Olmos formations. The Korn 2H well is a milestone and marks one of the first horizontal wells drilled into the San Miguel.

With a positive start to the drilling program in the first week, each project is not without its own set of challenges.

The Challenges of Land Drilling

The challenges of drilling an oil or gas well are not limited to the downhole issues commonly thought of when trying to bring a well online on time. Any number of problems can arise above the surface.

One of the biggest on-site challenges of drilling the Korn 2H was handling the large influx of rain received during the second week of drilling. The drill site received a total of 13 inches of rain over three days, turning the well pad into a mud pit (no pun intended). Thanks to the determination and adaptability of the crew, from the drilling contractor to the various service companies working on the well, drilling plans weren’t delayed despite the logistical challenges of working with a lease road under eight inches of water and a well pad covered with a foot of mud.

Overcoming All Obstacles

To keep the project moving forward in these conditions, a bulldozer and backhoe were brought in to help clean up the mud. In addition to clearing the mud, they also had to tow several pieces of heavy equipment and trucks into and out of the location to keep them from getting stuck along the lease road.

Several extra vacuum trucks were also called in to help get rid of the excess water that accumulated in the cuttings tanks and mud pits.

Walking around the location was quite a workout, but the biggest challenge some of our hands faced was just trying to keep their boots from getting stuck and pulled off in the mud.

The Korn 2H, drilled just a few feet away from the Korn #1, is currently awaiting logging and completion.

So far in the drilling program, everything is pointing to a successful well. Despite the challenges Mother Nature likes to throw at us, SPRI is always ready to adapt and overcome.

With early analysis showing positive results from the well, SPRI is pleased with the project so far and intends to continue its drilling program in the area.

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