Experienced team delivering cohesive solutions. 

Sierra Pine Resources International works with clients throughout the upstream oil and gas industry to solve problems and provide solutions that increase the value of their assets in every stage of the production curve.

With over 265 years of aggregated oil and gas experience, the professionals at SPRI make the difference in our clients’ projects.

Along with our decades of experience, SPRI utilizes cutting-edge petrophysical interpretation models to generate the most accurate reservoir models for projects located around the world.

SPRI has added more than 62 million BOE worth of booked proved reserves to the value of our clients’ assets throughout our 20 years of existence.

SPRI works with exploration and production companies of all sizes, private equity and VC firms, individual landowners, and law firms to solve some of the most complex geophysical problems in every corner of the world.

We have been particularly successful in mature basins and well picked over fields, because our process involves a deeper dive into integrating all technical and operational information from geological, geophysical, engineering, petrophysical, and financial points of view.

Solving problems for upstream oil and gas operations has been our passion over the past two decades. We have worked on projects during some of the best and worst times the oil patch has seen, and we understand that reducing costs is more important now more than ever. We strive to maximize your return on investment (ROI) for every project we work on.

We are problem solvers with an extensive track record of successfully fixing technical and/or operational "speed bumps."

Our team of oil and gas professionals has experience working domestically and internationally as consulting partners for some of the most respected companies in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry.

Every asset you own should be maximized for the most production on a schedule that allows you to take advantage of the best price in the market.

No matter how challenging or unique the geology of your well, SPRI can help your operations team increase the profitability of your project.