SPRISierra Pine Resources International (SPRI) has been very successful over the past several years providing technical reservoir evaluation services to companies including Pennzoil, Devon Energy, Dorchester Master Limited Partnership, Coastal Oil and Gas, Burlington, and El Paso Energy Company.

SPRI provides development or exploration teams for evaluation of oil and gas opportunities. The teams can include geologist, geophysicist, petrophysicist, reservoir engineer, and technical assistants.

Our success comes from utilizing computer based technologies comprehensively assimilating technical and cultural information to identify reserve opportunities. The opportunities are force ranked and delivered to the client as organized packets of viable investment opportunities ready to be quickly reviewed and implemented. SPRI generated opportunity inventories have been validated by numerous high success rate production adding projects.

We have organized a group of people which provide a broader scope of problem solving skills. Frequently reservoir characterizations have identified remedial measures for problem reservoirs resulting in production increases and reserve adds. Field studies inherently benefit from this valuable experience.

We consistently add value several times the cost of our service.