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Upstream Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Sierra Pine Resources International offers upstream consulting for all your exploration, production, and development opportunities.

We use innovative petrophysical analysis methods to inspect previously overlooked and discounted pay zones. Moreover, we’ve built our own data management and review utility software to process multi-field projects.

We focus on helping oil and gas operations remain competitive. Our team identifies valuable opportunities to expand operations, cut operating costs, and create a predictable, sustainable business while increasing ROI.

evaluations & appraisals

Evaluations & Appraisals

Estimation of fair market value of oil and natural gas properties.

oil & gas exploration

Oil & Gas Exploration

Exploration services to determine potential of your properties.

oil & gas development

Oil & Gas Development

Customized solutions to your specific development needs.

acquisition & divestiture support

Acquisition & Divestiture Support

Property due diligence, evaluation of upside potential and more.

contract operations

Contract Operations

Full-service planning and execution of oilfield services.

expert witness testimony

Expert Witness Testimony

Expert witness testimony for oil and gas legal and regulatory cases.

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